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Bog Plants: Bacoba

Bog Plants


Bacopa was once an unusual choice for your pond, but in recent years it's become very popular in water gardening. And why not? It's adorable! This plant has long, cascading stems that smother themselves in tiny, perfect, five-petal flowers. Since like many other bog plants this aquatic plant has 'wet feet" meaning it likes water it is a good choice for shallow areas of your Koi pond or water gardens. It will grow happily at the pond or lake edge as

Bog Plants: Pickerel Rush

Bog Plants

Pickerel Rush

Pickeral Rush is a very popular pond plant. It has "wet feet" like most bog plants and needs to be in the shallow area of your Koi pond or fish pond. The Pickerel Rush, also known as Pickerel Weed, Pickerelweed, and Wampee, is named after the Italian botanist, Giulio Pondeteria. Shiny, green, spear-shaped foliage with distinctive swirling send up spikes of soft blue flowers, reaching 18 to 24" tall, or slightly more. The flower spikes grow from leaf

Bog Plants: Fairy lilies

Bog Plants: Fairy Lily

Fairy lilies are so cute especially when they are blooming. They come in Pink, yellow and white. They are a light and airy Pond plant that is not to invasive so would be recommended for a small fish pond or water garden. Planting and Pruning In early spring, plant fairy lily bulbs at a depth of two to three times their diameter, cover with 1 to 3 inches of pond soil. These fast-growing, semi-evergreens thrive in partial to full sun. Fairy

Bog plants: King Tut Papyrus

Bog plants: King Tut Papyrus

  This Papyrus has quickly become one of our our favorite pond plants. It is such a nice combination of the giant papyrus and dwarf papyrus . It looks like the Giant but only gets about 36"- 40 tall. Large heads of pendulous leaves; greenish flower spikelets can measure 1' across. This aquatic plant is very heat tolerant.
  • Height Category:  Medium
  • Garden Height:    36 - 40 Inches
  • Bloom Time:  Grown for Foliage
[attention]Maintenance Notes:   Cyperus Papyrus is not hardy enough to survive winters with

Bog Plants: Water Hibiscus

Bog Plants: Hibiscus

Water Hibiscus add a touch of the exotics to your water garden with the Red Night Blooming Hibiscus. This hardy perimeter pond plant features jagged, maroon leaves and creates a stunning contrast to the light and dark green leaves or colored blooms of your other pond plants. Its most beautiful feature, however, are its deep red flowers, which bloom during the late summer nights and serve as a beacon to passing butterflies and hummingbirds at daybreak. Native to the tropics, this

Bog Plants: Lizard’s Tail

Bog Plants: Lizard's Tail

Lizard's Tail is a hardy perennial with bright green heart-shaped foliage which is accented with 4" - 6" long spikes of white flowers blooming with a citrus-like  aroma from June to September. After blooming, they give-way to small green fruits that appear to look like a lizard's tail. Shade tolerant and very fragrant, Lizard's Tail is easy to grow in  your fish pond and can winter well on the plant shelf without any protection. Lizard’s tail is a perennial plant

Bog Plants: Water Canna

Water Canna is an exotic looking plant, commonly only showcasing three or four leaf structures per stalk. The plant grows in excess of three feet tall and is relatively easy to maintain, as it is a fairly hardy plant. Leaf color can range from full green to green with pink vein structures. Call (818) 353-5131 [...]

Bog Plants: Water Clover

The Water Clover is similar to any other soil-based clover plant. Bearing four leaves per stem, the Water Clover thrives submerged in water and rests just above the surface. Leaf shapes can vary, but the general structure of the plant remains the same. Call (818) 353-5131 for availability!

Bog Plants: Arrowhead

Arrowhead plants are the best way to make your pond look like a lush and tropical paradise. Perfect for any pond, Arrowheads grow in very shallow water and are not aggressive against other plants that might be thriving alongside it. Arrowheads also have small, attractive flowers that can bloom all summer long. The shape and [...]