Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

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Pond Maintenance
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We are also the #1 Pond Maintenance Company in Los Angeles!

At Sunland Water Gardens we know ponds and we do nothing else unless its pond related. Having the right pond maintenance company is crucial to the health of your pond. Changes happen to your pond with every season. From summer, spring, fall to winter staying on top of your pond maintenance is our business.  It’s important that you keep your pond healthy through all seasons.

KOI Pond Maintenance

KOI Pond Maintenance can be tricky for those that don’t do this every day.  Imagine you wake up one morning after a hot summer day to find your KOI are not as healthy as they were the day before. It could be something a simple as your PH balance to your pond filter just needs to services. We can help!

Waterfall Pond Maintenance

With the right waterfall pond maintenance your natural waterfall will never stop looking so beautiful. Keeping your pond plants healthy when you have pond waterfall is important. Most times when a waterfall starts to preform poorly, it’s due to your pond water circulation system. Your pond pump may just need some simple servicing. We can help!

My Pond is Leaking “What Should I do?”

UGH! Nothing is worse that a leaking pond. It all starts with adding a little water once a week to adding more water to your pond daily. Then you come out one day find the water level of your pond is just about gone, your pond fish are fighting for air, your pond plants start to show stress. We get it and understand this. It could be as simple as changing the o-ring in your pond pump or as hard as repairing your pond liner. Either way we can help!

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Pond Maintenance – Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

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Pond Maintenance – Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

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