Bog Plants: Fairy lilies

Bog Plants: Fairy Lily

Fairy lilies are so cute especially when they are blooming. They come in Pink, yellow and white. They are a light and airy Pond plant that is not to invasive so would be recommended for a small fish pond or water garden.

Planting and Pruning
In early spring, plant fairy lily bulbs at a depth of two to three times their diameter, cover with 1 to 3 inches of pond soil.
These fast-growing, semi-evergreens thrive in partial to full sun. Fairy lily plants reach a height of up to 15 inches, boasting showy, 2-inch pink and white blossoms in late spring, throughout summer and into early fall. Remove faded and dead flowers to promote new
growth. Thin any excess foliage.

Fertilizer –

We recommend Laguna Fertilizer stakes for maximum growth throughout the aquatic plant season. If you’re using a slow-release, all-purpose granulated fertilizer, lightly scatter the mixture beneath the plants, starting at the stem then
continuing to the outer branches and leaves.  Fertilize carefully — too much fertilizer causes an over abundance of
weak undergrowth and only a small number of flowers.

After the blooms are gone, and before the first frost in fall, dig and divide the new, dormant bulbs that formed around the bottom of the old ones. If you do this while the fairy lilies are in bloom, they may not flower the following year. Store the bulbs in a cool location in peat moss or vermiculite, maintaining a minimal amount of moisture. Replant the bulbs into well-draining soil in the spring. In areas of zone 6-10 you can leave this bog plant in your pond.

Although fairy lilies don’t generally have disease or pest problems, at least one related species, Z. atamasco, contains alkaloid and lycorine compounds, poisons known to be highly toxic. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can occur if any parts of this plant are ingested, particularly the bulb, and conditions could worsen and become fatal.


Bog Plants, Fairy Lily, Bog Plants for ponds, Aquatic Plants

Bog Plants, Fairy Lily, Bog Plants for ponds, Aquatic Plants


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Aquatic Plants: Bog Plants: Fairy lilies
Source: Sunland Water Gardens
Author: Jacklyn Rodman
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Aquatic Plants / Bog Plants For Sale / Fairy lilies

Bog Plants: Fairy lilies

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