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Algae Eaters: Apple Snail

Algae Eaters: Apple Snail

Apple snails are great algae eaters but be aware that they will start to eat your aquatic plants if they run out of algae to eat. It is recommended to limit the number of snails you choose to have call your pond their home. As the name implies this snail can get very large. The size of an apple is not uncommon. Apple snails can live together with mos tpond fish without problem. Also many fish will try

Pond fish: algae eaters: Dojo Loach

Pond Fish:Algae Eaters: Dojo Loach

Like many other loaches, dojo loaches are slender and eel-like. They can vary in color from yellow to olive green, to a common light brown or grey with lighter undersides. The mouth of the loach is surrounded by three sets of barbels. It uses them to sift through silt or pebbles to find food. It also uses them to dig under gravel and sand to conceal itself out of nervousness or defense unlike the other loaches who

Pond fish: Algae Eaters: Hi Fin Banded Shark

Pond fish

Hi Fin

Banded Shark

No pond is complete without a Hi Fin Banded Shark. We’ve recently started importing these fascinating, peaceful fish from China. As a juvenile, the Hi Fin Banded Shark has striking contrasting colors and an inspiringly high dorsal fin. As an adult, these colors fade. In the wild, this fish can reach up to 39 inches in length; in the aquarium setting they generally reach only 18-24 inches. Hi fin banned shark pond fish The Chinese Hi Fin Banded Shark, Myxocyprinus

Pond Fish: Algae eaters: Bullfrog Tadpoles

Bullfrog Tadpoles

Bullfrog Tadpoles are great algae eater for your pond. Helping to keep everything cleaner in your water garden.

Bullfrog Tadpoles description:

One of the so-called "true frogs", Bullfrogs are usually green to greenish-brown. Sometimes, particularly when found in the South, they are spotted. Their eyes are gold or brown and they have a broad flat head and body. They grow on average to be about 3 and a half to 6 inches (9-15 cm) long in body length (although there are records