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Why Tilapia?

Aquaponics which has become a very popular way of gardening and Tilapia are the fish of choice for many reasons. They grow very fast, can tolerate hot summer months in relatively smaller containers, a good food source and a great source of fish waste.  Tilapia are one of the best producers of fresh fertilizer by way of their waste. [clear]

Other Types of Pond Fish For Sale

We no longer carry Tilapia, but here are 3 great alternatives you can choose:
  • Goldfish

Pond Fish Supplies: Microbe-lift ICH-OUT Parasite Treatment | Pond Fish

Microbe-lift Parasite Treatment (ICH-OUT) promotes rapid relief of Ick and Parasitic Diseases for all pond fish. Combines three of the most preferred anti-parasitic ingredients as well as a topical treatment for an effective treatment for Ick (white spots) Trichodina (flicking, flashing, excess mucus production) and Chilodonella. Safely helps to reduce the chances of secondary infections and will not burn. Intended for use with all pond, ormamental fish and aquatic life. Add one oz per 120 gallons (one cup per 960 gallons).

Pond Fish Supplies: Kordon NovaAqua Plus | Pond Fish

NovAqua+ water conditioner with added vitamins, echinacea and Anti-virus protection. Provides an organic virus inhibitor and removes chlorine and toxic metals while breaking down chloramines. Aids in boosting the immune system and helps provide a protective slime coat. Safe for all fish. Gallon treats up to 19,200 gallons

Pond Fish Supplies: Microbe-lift DEFEND Anti-Fungal | Pond Fish

Microbe-lift Anti-Fungal Treatment (DEFEND) provides rapid relief for Whitish Cottony patches on skin or fins and Grayish slime surface on body. Combines two major anti-fungal ingredients plus a slime coat stimulator. Contains a healant to assist a natural slime coat to mend and protect damaged tissues. Remove any carbon from pond filters. Add one oz per 60 gallons (one cup per 480 gallons) of pond water. Maintain aeration during treatment. Re-treat the water if symptoms do not improve within 48 hours. Formalin

Pond Fish Supplies: Pond Fish Treatment (formerly DesaFin) 16.9 oz | Pond Fish

Tetra's formulin-based medication for ornamental pond fish. It treats Koi and goldfish infected by protozoan parasites including Ichthyopthirius, multifilis (ick or white spot), Costia, Chilodonella, and Trichondina. Treats and prevents pond fish diseases. Controls external parasites, bacteria, and fungus that can cause infection. Treats 2500 gal per 16.9 oz bottle

Pond Fish Supplies: Pond Fish Protectant | Pond Fish

A chemical treatment for all pond fish that helps prevent ick parasites, fungus and bacteria BEFORE they cause problems. A mild treatment to help protect against parasites, bad bacteria and environmental stresses. Reduces the possibility of infection and /or re-infection. Contains double slime coat protection. Use one ounce per 60 gallons per week or when adding new fish to the pond.

Pond Fish Supplies: Microbe-lift RESTORE Pond Fish Wound Healant | Pond Fish

Microbe-lift Pond Fish Wound Healant (RESTORE) promotes regeneration from damages to skin, fins and scales. Combines healing and protective coating action with fast results, especially when treating shredded fins, cuts, scratches and/or abrasions from rock and gravel. Provides protection against secondary bacterial infection. Contains double slime coat protection promoting natural defense against infection plus added electrolytes and Vitamin B-12 to help heal and regenerate fins. Can be combined with Microbe-lift treatments for parasites or fungus to help repair damaged tissues. For

Pond Fish Supplies: CrystalClear WipeOut – Bacterial Control | Pond Fish

WipeOut is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish. Bacterial diseases generally result from fish stress due to adverse water quality conditions such as (pH, oxygen or temperature problems), dirty ponds, untreated abrasions or even predators. WipeOut works extremely well on pond fish species such as koi and goldfish as well as on commonly found aquarium fish species. WipeOut - Bacterial Control Controls & Prevents Bacterial Infections Controls Fin rot & Ulcers Safe For Fish & Plants