How to get rid of algae in your pond?

How to get rid of algae in your pond

How to get rid of algae in your pond?

1. Remove manually all algae, leaves and other debris left over from the season before. This is crucial because an excess of decaying debris will add to the nutrient levels and the algae in the pond.If after you have removed all debris you still find you are having problems with algae you can use products like Laguna water clarifier. For really stubborn green water you may want to think about a U.V. clarifier. There are many on the market but it can be part of your filter like a Laguna Pressure flo Filter or a standalone unit like the Aqua The Advantage 2000. Or perhaps the issue is string algae. It can be pulled out by hand of course but you can also install an Ion Gen by Aquascape to be rid of this nasty stuff all year.

2. Start adding beneficial bacteria treatments and continue to do so regularly throughout the season. It competes with the algae for available nutrients, starving the algae of its food source. Use Aquascape’s Automatic Dosing System to avoid the hassle of consistently adding and choosing the correct water treatments for your water feature.

3. Add plants to control algae. Since plants directly compete with algae for nutrients, they are the most important addition to the pond. Using a wide variety of plants will not only add to the natural look of the pond, but will reduce algae growth as well. You can choose from an array of many beautiful plants to add to your pond. Tropical water lilies, for their amazing number of blooms and incredible color. Hardy water lilies, for their cold hardiness and beauty. Bog plants to soften the edges of your pond and add depth to your pond. Whichever you choose the more the better. They not only add beauty but shade and protect your fish as well as help prevent algae.
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Pond Talk: How to get rid of algae in your pond?
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Author: Jacklyn Rodman
Source: Sunland Water Gardens

How to get rid of algae in your pond?

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  1. Are the chemicals you have listed in this article to treat algae, safe to use to use with fish and water turtles?

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