Cat Fish

Why have Catfish in your backyard pond or water garden? The fact is having Catfish as pond fish will keep your pond cleaner. Catfish, are scavengers and will help improve the cleaniness and water quality of your pond, moreso than koi or goldfish will! Keeping catfish in your backyard koi pond or water garden is a wise choice. We like to recommend the Albino Catfish as they get along fine with koi and goldfish. When it comes finding pond fish for sale, Sunland Water Gardens has what you need. Including the right catfish for your backyard pond. If you're looking for a fish that can help keep your pond tidy the catfish for ponds is a smart investment.

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Albino catfish are great for your pond!

Albino Channel Catfish, also known as Gold Channel Catfish, are yellow skinned, red eyed. Like their cousins they have sharp barbs that can cut if touched. Catfish are will eat nearly anything from the bottom of the pond helping to keep it clean. Catfish will also learn to eat floating fish pellet that other pond fish don’t eat. It is fun to see the vacuum like mouth sweeping the top of the water to get their food.

Catfish Pond Tip: Blue Cats, Albino Channel Catfish can rapidly grow to a size of 30″ inches or larger in a garden pond. Relatives of the Blue Channel Catfish.

Albino Channel Catfish are compatible with all Koi, Butterfly Koi and Goldfish.