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Aquatic plants: Hardy Water Lilies: Gloriosa

Aquatic plants

Hardy Water Lilies


Gloriosa used to be considered the very best Red Hardy Water Lily. It is indeed very bright and beautiful but sometimes is prone to crown rot. This free flowering lily has cup-like, bright red flowers and lush green foliage. Although a pure red color it is a small plant with smaller flowers. Does fairly well in shadier pond or water gardens but of course is best to have full sun. It is recommended to

Aquatic plants: Hardy Water lilies: Escarboucle

Aquatic plants

Hardy Water lilies


  One of the most popular of the red lily varieties. Of all the red varieties, this one has the reddest flowers of deep cherry-red. This pond plant waterlily has blooms of 6-7" with green leaves. It is very fragrant and free flowering all season long. Stays open late in the afternoon. .  Planting Depth:6-4 Petals are bright red tipped in white. New pads are brownish turning to green. Stays open in the afternoon later than most reds. This more