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Pickerel Rush

Pickeral Rush is a very popular pond plant. It has “wet feet” like most bog plants and needs to be in the shallow area of your Koi pond or fish pond. The Pickerel Rush, also known as Pickerel Weed, Pickerelweed, and Wampee, is named after the Italian botanist, Giulio Pondeteria. Shiny, green, spear-shaped foliage with distinctive swirling send up spikes of soft blue flowers, reaching 18 to 24″ tall, or slightly more. The flower spikes grow from leaf bracts at the top of stems. The plant adapts from very shallow water to depths of up to 18″. Plant the Pickerel Rush in a 5-gallon or larger pot to accommodate strong and plump roots. Pickerals need a good amount of fertilizer- we recommend Laguna Fertilizer stakes for a year of optimum growth.  The pot should be placed in sun to part shade, and the plant will bloom in late spring through early autumn. Divide plants in spring while pruning away the rotting portions from the previous year. Stolon cuttings may be taken  in summer and started, or a new plant may be started from fresh seeds collected in late summer and planted. Zones 4-11. The pickerel rush is a native of North America but is widely planted the world over for its decorative effect. Several color variations are available for sale for your custom pond.

Description of pickerel rush: The pickerel rush bears shiny olive green spearhead-shape leaves above 2- to 3-foot stems. It quickly forms dense clumps. The spike-shape blue flower clusters begin to bloom in early summer and last until fall.

Ease of care of pickerel rush: Easy.

Growing pickerel rush: Plant two or three clusters together in a large container for the best effect in your water garden. This plant does equally well in full sun or partial shade. Its roots should be covered with 2 to 12 inches of water. Move it to the deepest part of the pool during the winter.

Propagating pickerel rush: By division.

Uses for pickerel rush in your fish pond: Pickerel rush makes a striking specimen plant for medium to large gardens, but it can be a bit overbearing in a small one. If you have a small pond you may want to choose another type of bog plant like Arrowhead.

Related varieties of pickerel rush: Blue to mauve or purple varieties are most common, but white-flowered pickerel rushes are also available. The flowers last well when cut.

Scientific name of pickerel rush: Pontederia cordata

Pickeral rush, Bog plant, pond Plant for sale

Pickeral rush, Bog plant, pond Plant for sale

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Aquatic Plants: Bog Plants: Pickerel Rush
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Bog Plants: Pickerel Rush

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