Pond Supplies by Sunland Water Gardens

Bog Plants: Golden Button

The Golden Button, or Tansy plant, is native to parts of Europe and Asia and are characterized by their distinctly round pads of flowers. Golden Buttons should be used in moderation if critters or other animals circulate your pond, as they are known to be toxic if ingested in large quantities.

Bog Plants: Cattails

Cattails, like waterlillys are the most classic and well known components of a fresh water eco-system. Dating back over 30,000 years, Cattails have thrived and continue to thrive in Europe and North America. Their roots help to prevent erosion and need little care or maintenance to produce results. Over time, cattail heads will disintegrate into [...]

Bog Plants: Floating pond plant: Azolla

Azolla are a small type of water fern that floats on the surface of water with their roots hanging in the water. Despite their diminutive size, their hardiness means they can readily inhabit and thrive in freshwater and great speeds. This “super-plant” is an important part of any water garden’s ecosystem.

Bog Plants: Spike Rush

The Spiked Rush grows best in consistently wet soil or in shallow water. Spiked Rush is a smaller type plant that grows an average of one foot high, but also have a wide spread, causing them to cover a large size area if not properly controlled. Call (818) 353-5131 for availability!

Bog Plants: Water Poppy

Water Poppies are surface-dwelling plants that float atop their deep green, glossy looking leaves. The plants will bloom colorful yellow flowers resembling poppies that are roughly the same size as the leafs. Water Poppy flowers only last on average for one day, but bloom in rapid succession through out the Spring and Summer. Call (818) [...]

Bog Plants: Horsetail Rush

Horsetail Rush, also called Scouring Rush, is a hollow and non-flowering cane-like plant that have survived for literally millions of years, representing one of the oldest types of bog plants available. Horsetail Rush can attain a height of up to three feet and will keep their green color year-round. They grow well in shaded areas [...]

Bog Plants: Water Iris

Bog Plants Water Iris

  Irises are among the most favored of the bog plants. Their folliage is attractive and is good as a backdrop or as an adjunct to the other plants in the bog. Their flowers have an obvious appeal, being among the most exotic flowers in the hobby. They are useful as filtering agents in ponds and can be grown in any moist area. Louisiana Iris can be planted along the ponds edge or directly in the water itself. They should be

Bog plants: Water Clover

Water Clover

Water clover is a fast growing bog plant. It can be grown on the surface of your koi pond or planted a bit deeper. The 2" four leaf clover floats on the waters surface sending their roots into the soil where they can. A fast growing plant that will help shade and cover the water surface. Four Leaf Water Clover can be potted, tucked in between the rocks of a streambed or water fall and grown as a bog plant.

Bog Plants: Taro

The large-leafed Taro is a native to Asia and is a great resource for shade, given its significant size.           Stems of the Taro plant produce and deep purple color, creating a dynamic contrast between its rich green leaves. Call (818) 353-5131 for availability!