Pond display: Rock pond

Pond display

Rock  pond

This pond is made from natural granite. It has rocks of many sizes. Building a pond starts with a good location. Full sun or partial shade is the ideal place. Figure out what size you would like the pond to be.  Measure bottom and up the sides of pond. We recommend 45 mil or thicker EPDM pond liners. They come in many sizes from 6 x 10 to 50 x 100. Pond liners will last a very long time and you will not need to be concerned with cracks, or lime deposits leaching into your pond like you would with concrete.  If you do decide to use concrete be sure to seal it properly. This pond has a very nice waterfall winding up the hill side.

Remember to add a large enough pump to push the water all the way to the top. With this waterfall we recommend a  Laguna 2900 or Luguna 4200 pump depending on how much water you would like coming down your waterfall. For  this pond size the Filter we recommend is the Luguna PressureFlo 3200 for a 1500 gallon pond. The PressureFlo line also includes a U.V. water clarifier. U.V. units will make it less likely that you will have an issue with green water. As the water passing through the bulb will kill the algae spores. It works very well and is very safe for your pond, fish and aquatic plants.

A pond is a great way to bring your family together in one place to enjoy the outdoors. It will be fun to add aquatic plants and pond fish. Maybe even a few Koi to add a splash of color.  Fish and plants are all part of having a balanced pond. If you like to enjoy your pond at night there are many low voltage collections of lights that will make your pond even more beautiful. There is nothing more stunning in your landscape than a pond and well lit waterfall at night and happy with life during the day. You might even find a few dragon flies, butterflies  or hummingbirds visiting from time to time.


rock waterfall, waterfall pond, koi pond, pond construction

rock waterfall, waterfall pond, koi pond, pond construction


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Pond BuildingPond display: Rock pond
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Pond display: Rock pond

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