Sunland Water Gardens Owner

Sunland Water Gardens Owner

Jacklyn Rodman

Owner and fearless leader of Sunland Water Gardens for over 30 years. Took my grandfathers cactus nursery upstart to the full service Aquatic Nursery it is today. I attended UCLA with a psychology and biology major and a basketball scholarship, but my real education came in searching for answers to our costumers questions. Finding the solution for each and every pond and water garden problem. I have been ask many times why I started this unusual business. I feel it, along with my customers – chose me. When we started we only had two small ponds of aquatic plants among thousands of sticky thorny cactus ( can you tell I am not a fan). One with waterlilies and one with some bog plants. People liked the aquatic plants so we worked on propagating more.

Jacklyn Rodman - Owner of Sunland Water Gardens

Then people would say “well where can we get Koi for our pond”. Just so happened thatmy husband ( at the time) was from Japan and we had some great connections with a Koi farm. So we brought in Koi for our customers. Then came “ where can we get a pond built?” So in 1982 I got my contractors license and we started to build ponds. “Where can I get good products and supplies for my pond?” lead to being one of the pioneering distributors for all the top pond supply manufactures. I am very grateful to our customers for their support over the years and pushing me to find the answers. Our family business made it possible to raise three wonderful, successful children. Each of whom in their turn learned about business, nature and hard work helping to make the wheels turn at Sunland Water Gardens. I am proud to be part of this great family business working everyday with my brother. It is great to help people relieve their stress, teach them to grow organic vegetables, make the world greener and someone whooo and ahhh over a beautiful waterlily I grew from seed!

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