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Koi ponds and water gardens: Large pond

Koi ponds and water gardens

Large pond

I have been told that most people that build a pond will build three.

Each one bigger and better than the last.. Well how about start with a super large pond? This pond we refer to as the moat. It is well over 100,000 gallons and fulled with hundreds of Bog plants and Water lilies. One mistake I

Pond display: Rock pond

Pond display

Rock  pond

This pond is made from natural granite. It has rocks of many sizes. Building a pond starts with a good location. Full sun or partial shade is the ideal place. Figure out what size you would like the pond to be.  Measure bottom and up the sides of pond. We recommend 45 mil or thicker EPDM pond liners. They come in many sizes from 6 x 10 to 50 x

Pond fish: Sarasa Fantail Goldfish

Pond fish: Sarasa Fantail Goldfish

Sarasa Fantail Goldfish display a bright red and white pattern on a short, rounded body with a wide, flowing fan tail. The reds of Sarasa Fantail Goldfish are generally deeper and more vibrant than the reds of some other goldfish, giving them a stunning appearance. These pond fish can survive in the  pond through the winter months in zones 7-10. All others it is recommend to bring them in doors when the temperatures get below 35 degrees. These

Pond fish: Bass

Pond Fish: Bass For Ponds

Many people ask me if it is alright to add Bass to their pond or water gardens.  It is fine with reservation. Bass can learn to eat koi or goldfish food. Remember their natural food is other smaller fish. Be sure the Bass are the smallest fish in the pond. They can live happily in areas that have cold winters.  Bass are a perfect pond fish to