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Small Ponds and Fountains: Water Wheel: Custom Ponds

Custom Ponds

Small ponds and fountains

Water Wheels

There is something about a Water wheel that is so enticing. Maybe it reminds us of better times. Slower times when things where not so hectic and fast. Like sitting in front of a pond watching the Koi play and the water lilies grow. Slow and relaxing.

What is a Water wheel?

A water wheel is a machine for converting the energy of free-flowing or falling water

Small Ponds and fountains: Barrel fountain

Small Ponds and fountains

Barrel fountain

Barrel fountains are a really fun and easy way to dip your toe into water gardening. You will enjoy designing your own barrel fountain to suit your yard.   You can assemble them in many different ways. You can use one barrel into a pond - two barrels into each other or three in a row or any combination.  Most people can assemble them in no time at all. You will need a barrel liner

Small pond and fountain: Pondless fountain

Small pond and fountain

Pondless fountain

Sometimes space is at a premium for small yards. Or perhaps you have young children and safety is an issue. A pondless pond or fountain is a perfect solution to both of these challenges. If you where to decide to build this beautiful vase fountain all you would is the following-

How to build a pondless fountain or pond

For the pictured fountain your would need:
  • A small pump- We recommend a

Pond fish: Bass

Pond Fish: Bass For Ponds

Many people ask me if it is alright to add Bass to their pond or water gardens.  It is fine with reservation. Bass can learn to eat koi or goldfish food. Remember their natural food is other smaller fish. Be sure the Bass are the smallest fish in the pond. They can live happily in areas that have cold winters.  Bass are a perfect pond fish to