Koi ponds and water gardens: Large pond

Koi ponds and water gardens

Large pond

I have been told that most people that build a pond will build three.

Each one bigger and better than the last.. Well how about start with a super large pond?

This pond we refer to as the moat. It is well over 100,000 gallons and fulled with hundreds of Bog plants and Water lilies. One mistake I would say is that they build it in the canopy of very large trees so pond maintenance is a very big job. With leaves falling into it all the time it is a lot of work just to keep it debris free. Installing a pond skimmer would go a long way to help this problem. It would skim the top water continually so anything that falls into the pond would be trapped until it is cleaned.

This pond is well filtered with two Hayward (does need to be modified) filters with two muti speed 2 h.p. Intelli flo pumps. Multi speed pump are great from Koi ponds because you can leave them on the low speeds to run the filers ( remember ponds need oxygen 24 hours a day- no turning pumps off- ever!) and kick them into high to backwash the filters and be showy with lots of water going over the water fall.

Large ponds are of course the focal point in any landscape . It will  be the gathering spot for you, your family and friends as well as local wildlife ranging from dragonflies to Raccoons. You can even add your own wild life like catfish, frog or even turtles.  Pond critters will love to play in your large pond as they will have many places to make their own. But always try to remember to build into the pond the amenities that with best suit your new friends.  For example turtles need an island to sun themselves. Frogs like places to hide.  Remember to build your pond with straight sides and at least 2 feet deep to discourage predators  from bothering you pond fish and critters.


Large water garden, large pond, pond ideas, Koi pond

Large water garden, large pond, pond ideas, Koi pond

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Pond BuildingKoi ponds and water gardens: Large pond
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Pond display: Koi ponds and water gardens: Large pond

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