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Pond Supplies: Pond Algae control: Tetra Pond Blocks

Pond Supplies: Pond: Algae control Tetra Pond Blocks

Pond Block® helps clear cloudy water and remove algae from ornamental ponds or fountain water. Pond Blocks work well to eliminate string algae from waterfalls and rocks in custom Koi Ponds. Will not harm pond fish. Tetra Pond Block is a pond supply product limited for use in backyard/homeowner ponds and water fountains. For containerized ponds only. Not recommended for use with live plants. Will kill water hyacinth, water lettuce and

Pond Supplies: Water Treatment: Algae Control: Laguna Phosphate Control

Pond Supplies: Pond Water Treatment: Algae Control Laguna Phosphate Control

Laguna phosphate control  works well to help the Koi or water garden owner to maintain a health pond. It will help to reduce the elements that create an un-balanced pond. Using this product as directed will make algae control much easier. And help to keep your Koi and other Pond fish happy and healthy. Phosphate Control naturally improves pond water clarity and overall pond conditions. Phosphate is a major nutrient that

Pond Supply: Pond Water Treatment: Algae control: Laguna Pond Clean

Pond Supply : Pond Water Treatment: Laguna Pond Clean

Laguna Pond Clean is for the little bit heavier lifting in your Koi pond or water garden. It is very important to use as directed. Pond Clean helps to remove both string  algae and green water. Pond Clean water treatment product is sold at Sunland Water Gardens.
  •  Quickly restores your pond's natural balance.
  • Prevents unsightly water conditions.
  • Fast-acting formula is safe for fish, plants and invertebrates at the recommended dosage.
  • Quickly

Pond supplies: Pond water treatment: Tetra Water Balance

Pond supplies: Pond Water Treatments

Tetra: Water Balance

Tetra is the worlds top authority on water treatment needs for your Koi pond or water garden. Tetra has a long history of great products to help you maintain your pond, keeping your Koi and other pond fish happy and healthy. Over time, natural processes cause pond water to become unbalanced, affecting the condition of fish, plants and other pond life.  When used regularly, Water Balance prevents the pond from

Pond Supplies: Pond water Treatment: Tetra Koi Vital

Pond Supplies: Pond water Treatment

Tetra: Koi Vital

You take vitamin!  So can your Koi and other pond fish to help them stay healthy too. Koi Vital is Formulated to replenish essential trace elements and vitamins. Recreates “natural” conditions in which Koi and Goldfish thrive. Promotes greater vitality and improved circulation in Koi. Induces spawning in Koi and other pond fish. Will not effect water balance or create algae blooms. Tetra is the worlds top authority on pond water treatment needs

Pond Supplies: Pond Algae control: Tetra Pond Water Clarifier

Pond Supplies:

Pond Algae control: Tetra Pond Water Clarifier

Water Clarifier quickly clumps contaminants  so they can be easily removed by filtration.  Works well to coagulated green water and other types of algae problems in your pond or water garden. Is not recommended for pond that do not have filtration. Will not  harm pond life and plants (when used as directed). Works fast Tetra is the worlds top authority on water treatment needs for your more

Pond supplies: Algae control: Tetra Algae control

Pond supplies

Algae control: Tetra Algae control

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can still get string algae and/or green water. You have the right filter and you clean the pond but you still need a little help.  Tetra Algae Control may be just the little push your koi pond needs to get back in shape. Use as directed to help eliminate algae. Will not harm your Aquatic plants or Pond fish. Can be used with invertebrates

Pond Supplies: Pond treatment: Bio Sludge Control

Pond Supplies

Pond treatment: Bio Sludge Control

Laguna products are designed with the Koi pond as well as the garden pond owner in mind.

Laguna Bio sludge control

Bio sludge control is  easy to use and does exactly as it is suppose to at an economical price. Fish and other pond inhabitants generate large quantities of organic waste. If left untreated, this waste will accumulate faster and create toxic conditions.  Laguna Bio Sludge Control is a living preparation designed to eliminate sludge and organic

Pond Supplies: Pond treatment: Tetra Aqua safe

Pond Supplies

Pond treatment: Tetra Aqua safe

If you have Koi or other Pond fish in your pond this is the most important product you will need. It is not your grandmothers water supply anymore! California uses not only chlorine but Chloramine that is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. It will never evaporate like chlorine can. Both chlorine and Chloramine will damage your Koi and pond fish gills and they will die.  Just use