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Pond Supplies: Pond Algae control: Tetra Pond Blocks

Pond Supplies: Pond: Algae control Tetra Pond Blocks

Pond Block® helps clear cloudy water and remove algae from ornamental ponds or fountain water. Pond Blocks work well to eliminate string algae from waterfalls and rocks in custom Koi Ponds. Will not harm pond fish. Tetra Pond Block is a pond supply product limited for use in backyard/homeowner ponds and water fountains. For containerized ponds only. Not recommended for use with live plants. Will kill water hyacinth, water lettuce and

Pond supplies: Algae control: Tetra Algae control

Pond supplies

Algae control: Tetra Algae control

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can still get string algae and/or green water. You have the right filter and you clean the pond but you still need a little help.  Tetra Algae Control may be just the little push your koi pond needs to get back in shape. Use as directed to help eliminate algae. Will not harm your Aquatic plants or Pond fish. Can be used with invertebrates

Pond Supplies: Tetra Pond GreenFree UV Clarifier

Pond Supplies

Tetra Pond


UV Clarifier

  The Tetra ultraviolet clarifier works by exposing single celled algae to very high levels of ultraviolet light as the pond water containing them is pumped through the unit. The ultraviolet radiation not only kills the algae but causes it to clump together. These clumps can then be easily removed by your pond filter, water clarity is dependent upon the pond filter removing the dead algae.  

Tetra GreenFree UV Clarifier's

  • Provides permanent control of suspended algae which cause green water.
  • Removes