Small Ponds and fountains: Barrel fountain

Small Ponds and fountains

Barrel fountain

Barrel fountains are a really fun and easy way to dip your toe into water gardening. You will enjoy designing your own barrel fountain to suit your yard.   You can assemble them in many different ways. You can use one barrel into a pond – two barrels into each other or three in a row or any combination.  Most people can assemble them in no time at all. You will need a barrel liner in each barrel to prevent leaking. You can purchase liners with spouts so the water can flow into the bottom barrels. Balance and level your barrels so they can flow into one another.

The basic idea is to put a pump ( we recommend a 1500 Laguna pump for three barrels as shown in picture)  into the bottom barrel. Then tubing from pump to the top barrel. Make sure the tubing is very secure so it will not fall out and empty the barrels.

Then turn the pump on and you now have a barrel fountain. The water is picked up from the bottom and is returned in the top barrel. One important thing you need to be aware of is if you put the top tubing deep into the barrel it will drain back into the bottom barrel and over flow it if you turn it off. So it is recommended to secure the top tubing near the top of the barrel.  Then you are ready to add the fun stuff.

You can add many different aquatic plants like Cattails, Water iris, spear rush, pennywort or even small water lilies like Mexicana. Aquatic plants will help to filter the water by using all the excess nutrients and starve the algae. If you find that you are still needing extra help there are many different filters to choose from. Your expert pond supply dealer will be able to guide you to the best choice for your situation.  Make sure to add small pond fish as well like Rosy red minnows or small goldfish or prevent issues with mosquitoes. You will enjoy the soothing sound of water running in your yard.

Barrel fountain, small pond ideas, fountain ideas, water garden

Barrel fountain, small pond ideas, fountain ideas, water garden

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Pond BuildingSmall Ponds and fountains: Barrel fountain
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Small ponds and fountain: Barrel fountain

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