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Shubunkin are similar to the common goldfish and comet goldfish in appearance. Like Koi they were first bred in Japan. Shubunkins are from mutations in telescope eye goldfish (Demekins) c. 1900.

Shubunkin Goldfish

They have streamlined bodies with well-developed and even fins. However, the shubunkins are calico goldfish; they possess nacreous scales (a mix of metallic and transparent scales that are pearly in appearance). Shubunkins are very color fish. The overlapping patches of red, white, blue, grey and black (along with dark speckles) normally extend to the finnage of shubunkins. Blue is the most prized color in shubunkins. Calico originally denoted three colored varieties of goldfish that did not include blue. The best blues are produced from line breeding of good blue specimens of shubunkins. Sometimes good blues may be obtained by breeding bronze (metallic) with pink (matte) goldfish, but a grey slate color may result instead. Some Calico fish tend to have a pointy mouth.

It may take several months for the nacreous coloration to develop on a young fry (baby fish). Shubunkins are excellent pond fish because they reach a length of 9 to 18 inches (23 to 41 centimeters) at adulthood. A shubunkin goldfish is considered an adult at 2 to 3 years of age,even though they live much longer.
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Shibunkin, goldfish, Shibunkin goldfish, colorful goldfish,

Shibunkin, goldfish, Shibunkin goldfish, colorful goldfish,

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