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Pond fish: Sarasa Fantail Goldfish

Pond fish: Sarasa Fantail Goldfish

Sarasa Fantail Goldfish display a bright red and white pattern on a short, rounded body with a wide, flowing fan tail. The reds of Sarasa Fantail Goldfish are generally deeper and more vibrant than the reds of some other goldfish, giving them a stunning appearance. These pond fish can survive in the  pond through the winter months in zones 7-10. All others it is recommend to bring them in doors when the temperatures get below 35 degrees. These

Pond Fish: Red Fantail Goldfish

Pond fish: Red Fantail Goldfish

Red Fantail Goldfish display a bright, solid red color on a short, plump body and wide, graceful fan tail. Although not as large or fast as Comet they look very similar except for the fanned out tail. All gold fish can inter breed with one another. Their life span is anticipated to be about 3-5 years. It is important to maintain a happy and healthy environment with continual  filtration with a appropriate sized pump running in your

Goldfish: Shubunkins

Goldfish: Shubunkins: GOLDFISH FOR PONDS: Shubunkins are excellent pond fish, Shubunkins are very colorful fish, Shubunkins are very color fish.

Goldfish: Sarasa Comets

Goldfish: Sarasa Comets. GOLDFISH FOR PONDS. Sarasa Comet Goldfish offer a beautiful red and white pattern on a long, slender body with a flat, single tail.