Bog plants: Water Clover

Water Clover

Water clover is a fast growing bog plant. It can be grown on the surface of your koi pond or planted a bit deeper. The 2″ four leaf clover floats on the waters surface
sending their roots into the soil where they can. A fast growing plant that will help shade and cover the water surface. Four Leaf Water Clover can be potted, tucked in between the rocks of a streambed or water fall and grown as a bog plant. The plant may also
be submerged and the leaves will float on the waters’ surface.

  • Leaf: Clover-like leaves are composed of four leaflets; each leaflet is about 2-3′ wide The leaf surface may be either densely hairy or smooth.
    Depending on water depth, the leaves are emergent or float at the ends of slender 3-12″ long leaf stalks.
  • Flower: No flowers. Spores develop in solitary, generally hairy spore cases that arise on short stalks (to 25 mm long) from the leaf bases. Spores are produced
    when the plants are mostly out of the water, either when the water level drops, or throughout the year if the water is always shallow.
  • Fruit: Hairy, nut-like spore-cases, resemble peppercorns. When the spore cases open, they release a gelatinous substance containing the spores.
  • Root: Thin and fibrous, emerging from slender rhizomes.
  • Propagation: Reproduces by spores and vegetatively by rhizomes.


Importance of plant: Spore cases are eaten by waterfowl, and the plant provides fish shelter.
Many pond fish like Koi and goldfish love to eat water clover. It is also great for attaching their eggs and hiding their fry.

If you have any questions about other Aquatic Pond PlantsWater LiliesBog Plants or have questions about getting the right pond plants for your pond, please visit our full service Pond Supply store or call Sunland Water Gardens @ 818-353-5131

Bog Plants, Water Clover, Aquatic plants for sale

Bog Plants, Water Clover, Aquatic plants for sale


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If you have any questions about other Pond Plants, Water Lilies, Bog Plants or have questions about getting the right pond plants for your pond, please visit our full service Pond Supply store or call Sunland Water Gardens @ 818-353-5131

Pond Supplies: Bog plants: Water Clover
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Author: Jacklyn Rodman
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Aquatic Plants / Bog Plants / Water Clover

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Bog plants: Water Clover

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