Ponds can reduce stress

Ponds can reduce stress

It may not be a surprise to anyone who has had a pond or water garden that it is one of the best stress reducers you can find. Whether it is a morning coffee or the after dinner wine, sitting by the pond watching the dragonflies and Koi will help you to shake off the day.

I believe that water is part of our primal instincts.

We have water running through us, we are surrounded by a safe blanket of water before birth. I think we feel safe and comfortable around and in water. With a waterfall breaking the surface you are not only giving your pond fish and Koi the aeration they need but it is vital to helping us to take a big deep breath and relax..  After the sound of the falling water you will find so many other things to enjoy about a pond or water garden.

I once had a husband and wife come our our nursery. I could tell the wife was very happy and excited to build a backyard pond. The husband not so much. He just did not see why they were doing this pond thing in their yard. Didn’t like the idea of fish to take care of or “flowers” in the pond sounded stupid to him…  The pond was built and she was very happy. But I noticed a surprising development. The reluctant somewhat grumpy husband was coming on the weekends with his wife to pick out things for the new pond.. It still was not exciting him much at all. Then the strangest thing happened. One day in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, he come in to the nursery. By his self.   He wanted to pick out something special to add to their pond.

 He said it had changed his life.

He said he fought it at first but now every morning he enjoys his coffee while watching the Koi play and swim. He loves to feed them with his son. They have names for each one. He want to get more waterlilies because they where so beautiful to see them change each day. He said he and his wife now sit and talk every night, sharing and reflecting on the day. They had never done that before.  He said he had a very stressful job but it helps to start his day relaxing and enjoying the pond. He said it changed his life and thanked me.. This is why I do what I do… De- stressing one person at a time.. Enjoy your pond – enjoy your life!!

Ponds, water and mediation, stress relief

Ponds, water and mediation, stress relief

Pond TalkPonds can reduce stress
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Ponds can reduce stress

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