Pond fish: Algae Eaters: Hi Fin Banded Shark Los Angeles

Pond fish: Algae Eaters: Hi Fin Banded Shark

No pond is complete without a Hi Fin Banded Shark. We’ve recently started importing these fascinating, peaceful fish from China.

As a juvenile, the Hi Fin Banded Shark has striking contrasting colors and an inspiringly high dorsal fin. As an adult, these colors fade. In the wild, this fish can reach up to 39 inches in length; in the aquarium setting they generally reach only 18-24 inches.

Hi fin banned shark pond fish

The Chinese Hi Fin Banded Shark, Myxocyprinus asiaticus, is also known as the Chinese or Sailfin Sucker, Asian Sucker, and Entsuyui. It is considered a true suckerfish, and is named for the absence of teeth in the mouth and a comb-like row of teeth on the pharyngeal bones of the throat. It is thought to be one of the most primitive members of the Cyprinidae family.

Due to its its size, the Hi Fin Banded Shark requires more advanced care and handling. Therefore, an pond or water garden with 125 gallons or more of moving, well-filtered, and well-oxygenated water is necessary. Many people find this species to be an ideal algae eater in the backyard garden pond, as the fish can tolerate temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peaceful by nature, the Hi Fin Banded Shark is omnivorous, but leans toward the herbivore side of this category, feeding on benthic (bottom-dwelling) invertebrates and rasp algae growing on rocks and logs. Freeze-dried or frozen bloodworms make an excellent diet for juvenile

Nothing like true sharks, these fish are voracious algae eaters, although we’ve seen them eat floating pellets as well.

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Pond TalkPond fish: Algae Eaters: Hi Fin Banded Shark Los Angeles
Author: Jeff Kite
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Pond fish: Algae Eaters: Hi Fin Banded Shark Los Angeles

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