Are aquatic plants dangerous to Koi

Are aquatic plants dangerous to Koi

I have heard pond owners say they are afraid to add plants to Koi pond because of disease or parasites. Although it is possible for a few uncommon varieties of parasites to attach to plants it is unlikely that they would make their way to cause harm to your Koi or other pond fish.  This is due most in part that aquatic pond plant growers are careful to be sure these pests are not in growing tanks. It is important to never retrieve plants from wild areas or natural lakes and ponds. These are uncontrolled situations because of pollution and chemical disposal that can be transferred to your pond. This is also the most hazardous risk of parasites like leeches, or different types of  larvae.

If you are concerned about pond plants bringing in disease or parasites you can prepare a bleach dip.

Add 1/2 cup of bleach to a five gallon bucket and put the aquatic plant pot and all or bare-root in the bucket for two days. Then rinse it. This should kill anything you may worry about.  If you do see Leeches or any other bugs you can kill them also by using bleach or old fashioned back of shoe.

Over all this is not an issue and a pond owner should not be worried in any way about the effect of adding pond plants to their pond.

Koi and other pond critters will all be much happy and healthier with plants helping to balance their pond. Without plants,  pond filters and U.V. units will need to work harder. Besides a pond with beautiful bogs and water lilies is much prettier.

Pickeral rush, Bog plant, pond Plant for sale

Pickeral rush, Bog plant, pond Plant for sale

 “Are aquatic plants dangerous to Koi”


Pond TalkAre aquatic plants dangerous to Koi
Author: Jacklyn Rodman
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Pond Talk: Are aquatic plants dangerous to Koi

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