Koi Ponds can Prevent West Nile Virus

Koi Ponds can Prevent West Nile Virus

There are many reasons that home owners might decide to install a Koi pond on their property. In addition to their unique beauty, they also bring a sense of tranquility to any area. The many different pond plants that can be incorporated along with the Koi give you more tools for creating the look that you prefer. It is easy to find the quality of assorted aquatic plants in Los Angeles that you need to enhance your water pond. This includes bog plants like cattails, spider lilies, and fairy lilies, as well as the water lilies that so many people enjoy.

With an increasing concern over West Nile Virus, many people feel that it may not be the best time to install a new water pond. Since the virus is spread by mosquitoes, they worry that the water will attract more of the infected insects to their area. In reality, a Koi pond can actually help to reduce the number of mosquitoes in any area that are carrying the virus.
When mosquitoes lay their eggs on the water, they hatch out into larvae.

Koi will eat both the eggs and the larvae

to cut down on the number of successfully bred mosquitoes. People have long used Koi as a means of mosquito control. Installing a Koi pond late in the summer season will help to prepare for a long summer of mosquito control the next year.

California is the ideal state for having a Koi pond, there are dependable resources to find pond supplies in Los Angeles in order to address every aspect of the Koi’s needs. Koi food, algae control,pumps, pond filters and the Koi.  Finding an established store where you can build a relationship with the owners is ideal. They will be able to give you the guidance you need to help to ensure that you get Koi that will stay healthy and beautiful. The advice you get from experienced experts on structuring and maintaining a Koi pond will have a significant impact on the results you get. They should also be able to help you plan and build a pond that is right for you and your property.

In addition to choosing the different types of plants that will give your water pond its own personality, you will also have a choice between the different types of Koi and other critters that will live there. You can choose from the solid gray Asagi, the speckled and colorful Sanke, or the tiger striped Showa, among others. An assortment of Koi will provide you with a colorful and diverse population in your pond. They are also all equally competent at providing mosquito control that is important to you. Bullfrogs and other species of fish are also available where there are Koi for sale for an ever greater diversity of life.

Anyone who has hesitated to install a Koi pond because of their concerns over West Nile Virus can put their fears to rest. In addition to providing home owners with a beautiful addition to their landscape that they will enjoy for years, a Koi pond will also eliminate the mosquitoes that would otherwise spread the virus.

BIO: At Sunland Water Gardens, we are the established provider of fish pond supplies in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are a family owned business with 36 years of providing pond supplies in Los Angeles to home and business owners who want to enjoy the beauty and tranquility that a Koi pond can add. We work with our clients and give them the guidance they need to create the custom Koi pond of their dreams.

custom pond, custom pond design, natural rock pond

custom pond, custom pond design, natural rock pond

Pond Talk: Koi Ponds can Prevent West Nile Virus
Article Source: Sunland Water Gardens
Author: Jacklyn Rodman

Koi Ponds can Prevent West Nile Virus

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