How to balance your pond.

How to balance your pond.

What does balancing your pond really mean anyway??

All pond water must go through the initial balancing period. This can take any number of days or weeks depending on many factors. How big is the pond, how much sun, how many fish, how many plants, and of course size of your pump and filter. At this stage anything can set the balance off.

Tip #1 –
Add pond plants and fish

After adding water conditioner, go ahead and add the recommend amount of aquatic pond plants. Plant will aid in this process by using up excess nutrients and adding shade to your pond. So in this case, the more plants the better. Start very slowly with your fish. They are important to achieving balance but do not overdo it at this point.

Tip #2-
Leave your pond pump and filter on 24 /7

Remember, whatever type or style of pond pump and filter you choose it must be left on 24/7.  No exceptions! This is not a swimming pool system. It is Bacteria that make the filter work and it needs oxygen all the time. As well is your fish! When the pump is turned off the oxygen levels are depleted and your good bacteria will die. If the bacteria die it becomes aerobic and smelly. The last thing you need is all your healthy bacteria dying and you spitting it back into your pond to feed the yucky algae. And most likely kill your precious Koi and other pond fish.

Tip #3-
Add good bacteria

It is recommended to add good bacteria every day or so to seed and maintain your pond. A good healthy bacteria bed will go a long in competing with the algae and helping with the balancing process. Add more each time you clean your filter or add fresh water. It is recommend to hold off a month or two before cleaning your filter during this process. And if possible try to use pond water when cleaning filter pads as to not clean off all the bacteria with the chlorine.

Tip #4 –
Add a U.V. clarifier

In some areas heat and sun are a big issue. The pond just doesn’t seem to want to balance. Although your pond will balance eventually without it a U.V. clarifier will speed up the process. It will also help to keep it clear even when you may have a few to many Koi and other critters in your pond.
These are some good guidelines to help you, but every pond and every situation is a bit different. It is best to always ask your pond professional whenever you have questions. In general it is important to be patient and the less you do the better!! Enjoy your pond!!

custom pond, custom pond design, natural rock pond

custom pond, custom pond design, natural rock pond


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How to balance your pond.

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