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Hariwake display a solid metallic-white base coupled with bright, vibrant patterns of yellow or orange. The bright, luminous white of Hariwake differs from the softer, matte-white of Kohaku and Sanke. Hariwake with a bright yellow pattern are commonly referred to as Lemon Hariwake.

The Hariwake is one of the most common koi you’ll find in most retail stores, mainly because it’s relatively easy to breed and is very popular when found. It is also the most confusing pattern to correctly identify. As a two colored, all-metallic fish, the Hariwake occurs in the class of fish called the Hikarimoyo-mono. Literally that means one color (mono) on a platinum (hikari) background.

To identify the Hariwake, you can start by looking for a two-color fish – a white background with either yellow or orange markings. The background white should be a platinum white. This means that the white is actually shimmering, metallic, or reflective, not just bright white. So for the purposes of this article, I will say “platinum” and mean metallic, shimmering white.

You will also find Hariwake – a platinum white fish with a yellow or orange pattern with and without scales. If it doesn’t have scales it’s called a Doitsu Orinje (Orange) or Yamabuki (Yellow) Hariwake. If it has scales then it’s just called an Orinje (Orange) or Yamabuki (Yellow) Hariwake. In my opinion, the most beautiful, desirable, and brightest looking Hariwake is the Doitsu or scaleless version. This is also the most commonly available version.

Variations of Hariwake include Tancho Hariwake, Gin Rin Hariwake, Doitsu Hariwake (also known as Kikusui).

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Hariwake, Doitsu hariwake, Koi, koi for sale

Hariwake, Doitsu hariwake, Koi, koi for sale

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Koi: Hariwake

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