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Pond Plants: Hardy Water Lily: Perry’s Rich Rose

Pond Plants

Hardy Water Lily

Perry's Rich Rose

Perry's Rich Rose is a Hardy Water lily that is a good lily for any size pond. The leaves and flowers of this variety are often the same size. Plant height varies with depth of pool. Commonly referred to as "Water Lilies" these plants have adapted to living in a total water environment This variety has rose flowers with red sepals. It has 9 inch green leaves with red undersides. The leaves of these plants are

Aquatic plants: Hardy Water Lilies: Gloriosa

Aquatic plants

Hardy Water Lilies


Gloriosa used to be considered the very best Red Hardy Water Lily. It is indeed very bright and beautiful but sometimes is prone to crown rot. This free flowering lily has cup-like, bright red flowers and lush green foliage. Although a pure red color it is a small plant with smaller flowers. Does fairly well in shadier pond or water gardens but of course is best to have full sun. It is recommended to

Aquatic plants: Hardy Water lilies: Escarboucle

Aquatic plants

Hardy Water lilies


  One of the most popular of the red lily varieties. Of all the red varieties, this one has the reddest flowers of deep cherry-red. This pond plant waterlily has blooms of 6-7" with green leaves. It is very fragrant and free flowering all season long. Stays open late in the afternoon. .  Planting Depth:6-4 Petals are bright red tipped in white. New pads are brownish turning to green. Stays open in the afternoon later than most reds. This more

Yellow Hardy Water Lily: Mexicana

Yellow Hardy Water Lily: Mexicana

Mexicana is not a true hardy water lily, however it will winter over in zone 5 and above. The flowers are a very bright yellow and held high above the water, similar to tropical water lilies.

Yellow Hardy Lilies

Among the yellow hardy lilies, this is traditionally regarded as the brightest yellow. N. mexicana is a dwarf lily, which produces runners, allowing it to form large colonies. Best if planted in a tray, where it will have room to grow.

Yellow Hardy Water Lily: Chromatella

Yellow Hardy

Water Lily:


A staple to any cold weather pond. . Chromatella is a yellow Hardy water lily that is free flowering with yellow cup-shaped blossoms. It has a nice fragrance and needs only three to four hours of sunlight to produce blooms.This is a very good water lily for a beginner water gardener. Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Lighting: All Placement: Bottom Water Conditions: 45-75° F, pH 6.1-7.5 Propagation: Rhizome Max. Size: 4' Color Form: Yellow Origin: Farm Raised, USA Family: Nymphaceae

Hardy water lilies

Hardy water lilies -Members of this family

Yellow Hardy Water Lilies: Joey Tomocik

Yellow Hardy

Water Lilies:

Joey Tomocik

Probably the best known of Kirk's hybrids, and for good reason. 'Joey Tomocik' is without doubt the most vivid yellow hardy water lily I know. Even young plants show a remarkable depth of colour. These young flowers are often somewhat cup shaped, but as plants mature subsequent blooms are more stellate. A very dependable, tough and free flowering waterlily that spreads 3 to 4 feet and produces bright yellow, stellate shaped flowers. The 4 to 5 inch

Yellow Hardy Water lily: Mangkala Ubol

Yellow Hardy

Water lily:

Mangkala Ubol

Mangkala Ubol was voted the Best New Lily of 2004. It has creamy yellow/peach blooms 4-6 inches, which are pleasantly scented. The lily pads are a deep green and are variegated with burgundy. This gorgeous, free flowering hardy water lily will begin blooming in the spring and bloom non-stop into the fall.  

Mangkala Ubol Water Lily

Mangkala Ubol Water Lily makes a beautiful addition to any pond or water garden. Introduced in Thailand by Nopchai Charnsilp in 1997. Massive

Yellow Hardy water lilies: SULPHUREA