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Aquatic Plants: White Lotus: Yulou Renzui

Aquatic Plants: White Lotus

Yulou Renzui

Yulou Renzui is another beautiful traveler from China. This stunning White Lotus with dark pink tips is a great addition to any Koi pond or water garden. White Lotus are originally from Egypt  (Nymphaea lotus) and is austere and beautiful in its simplicity.  Also known as the Tiger Lotus or Egyptian White Water Lily, this plant grows in various parts  of East Africa and Southeast Asia. It has rounded petals and tooth-edged leaves, grows in

Aquatic Plants: White Lotus: Empress Lotus

Aquatic Plants

White Lotus

Empress Lotus

  The “Empress” or Alba Striata  are beautiful Lotus plants. They are a whitish bloom with gentle strokes of pinkish colors on the edges of the petals. These plants can grow up to five feet tall in perfect conditions. The empress lotus flower bursts into a wide white rose-shaped blossom when in full bloom. As all pond plant life will, the Lotus flower will increase the oxygen in the air. It is also a great

Aquatic Pond Plants: White Lotus: Chawan Basu

Aquatic Pond Plant

White Lotus

Chawan Basu

  Chawan Basu Lotus  Nelumbo nucifera ‘Chawan Basu’ is a  Semi dwarf variety of the Lotus plant. It grows 2 to 3' tall.   This beautiful creamy white single flower is edged in deep pink and measures 5 to 7 inches across. The dark green leaves grows 14 to 16 inches across with the classic raising well above the water surface. This lotus flower can be successfully grown in “tubs” in or around your pond. Large containers will work

Aquatic pond plants: White Lotus: Alba Grandiflora Water Lotus

Aquatic pond plants: White Lotus:

Alba Grandiflora Water Lotus

ALBA GRANDIFLORA  -  Alba Grandiflora is also known as Asiatic. This lotus has single white blooms and under ideal conditions grows 5-6 feet. Blooms can reach 6-7 inches in diameter. Lotus are a wonderful addition to any Koi pond or fish pond. They are a good choice especially if you have large Koi that nibble on your Hardy water lilies or Tropical water lilies.

Lotus Plant Care:

  • The Lotus plant should be fertilized sparingly for the first year.
  • Too