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Pond Lighting With Jeff Kite

Pond Lighting Los Angeles, CA – With Jeff Kite In this video Jeff reviews the Pond Max pond lighting system. Sunland Water Gardens carries a full line of Pond Lights right here in Los Angeles. Take a moment and check out our Pond Supply Store In Los Angeles Sunland Water Gardens: Sunland Water Gardens Pond Supplies • Pond Plants • Pond Lights 9948 Sunland Blvd Sunland, CA

Green time of year! Time to Add New Pond Supplies And Pond Plants.

Green time of year

As the weather changes so does the maintenance needs of your pond. As true as this statement is what does it mean?? Here is a check list to determine what your pond needs. [clear] I have pond owners ask me all the time,
  • Why is my pond green?

  • Why do I have more algae this time of year?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons so I start asking questions...

How big is your pond?

This will determine how many aquatic

Will a homemade pond filter work?

Will a homemade pond filter work??

I am asked all the time if a homemade pond filter will work. With some reservation I would have to say yes. Some people have a good amount of success making biological filters. They start out to be a bit cheaper but in many cases do not work or last quite as well. Having a good design is very important. [clear]

Important elements of homemade pond filters

The most important element

Which Pond liner is the best?

Which Pond liner is the best?

Pond liners are made of many different materials. Some are Rubber, Epdm, plastic, PVC, reinforced polyethylene or reinforced polypropylene. Then you have to decide what mil, thickness or or ply you want. Not only are there different types of pond liner to choose from, there are thickness options, size options, the option to bury or not bury your liner, the choice of doing it yourself or to hire someone to install the

Do you want a pond kit?

Do pond kits have everything you need?

[clear] We have people come to our shop looking for “Pond Kits” all the time. For some it makes the thought of building a pond much easier.

It will already have everything you need for a cookie cutter pond.

But do you really want a cookie cutter pond?? Maybe but more than likely -not. We try to discourage the one size fits all pond. Because everyone’s idea of a pond is different. It comes