Things to know before you choose a pond pump

Things to know before you choose a pond pump

Ok, so you study every style pond pump and you have decided what kind of pump you want for your pond. But after you decide which type of pond pump you want then you need to consider several factors to increase your odds of making the best decision.

These factors include:

Pond Size

The pond size dictates the size of the water pump that should be used. Ideally, the pump should be capable of circulating the entire volume of the pond once every hour. For example, if you have a pond containing 1000 gallons of water, the pump should be able to process 1000 gallons in one hour. The minimum capacity for a water pump for this pond would be 1000 GPH.(gallons per hour)

A larger pump would be required if the pond contains a waterfall, fountain or a filter to push threw. The size of the pump would then depend on volume of the pond as well as the height of the waterfall or fountain.

Price of the Pond Pump

The price of the water pump is important but don’t let it be the driving factor in your decision. Only when all other things in two pumps are equal should you let price dictate your choice. A cheap pond pump upfront may seem nice but it may use to much energy or not pump as much water.

Operating Cost of the Pump

Water pumps for ponds operate continuously 24/7 requiring a significant operating cost. You should factor in the energy efficiency of different  pumps and estimate the operating costs before buying a pond pump. There can be a very big difference between ponds in this regard.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The greater the warranty period offered by the manufacturer is, the better are the chances of a headache free operation of the water pump.

Like with any decision in regards to your pond, it is always good to ask your trusted pond supply retailer. They will be able to help fit the perfect equipment to your needs. Enjoy your pond!

pond constuction, pond contractor, pond care

pond constuction, pond contractor, pond care

Pond TalkThings to know before you choose a pond pump
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What you need to know about pond pumps


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