Which Pond liner is the best?

Which Pond liner is the best?

Pond liners are made of many different materials. Some are Rubber, Epdm, plastic, PVC, reinforced polyethylene or reinforced polypropylene. Then you have to decide what mil, thickness or or ply you want. Not only are there different types of pond liner to choose from, there are thickness options, size options, the option to bury or not bury your liner, the choice of doing it yourself or to hire someone to install the liner for you. But I will try to help clear the mystery to help make it an easier task.

Finding the right pond liner

Finding the right pond liner is going to be an important step when it comes to the longevity of your pond.  So here is a short description of the most popular choices to help you make your decision.

Reinforced Pond Liner

Reinforced pond liners come in different types of rubber (such as reinforced polyethylene or reinforced polypropylene). The important thing to remember about a reinforced pond liner is that they are more light weight, durable, tear resistant, and typically less expensive liner than an unreinforced liner.

BUT…If installed and exposed to the sun, this can be a problem. They will not last as long if out in the open. If your pond is in the sun and you still want a reinforced liner you can bury the liner to prevent over exposure to the sun. Be aware; if you have sloping edges to your pond it can be hard to keep the liner buried. For most ponds this is not a practical choice. This can be a good choice to go under a cement.

PVC pond liners?

One of the nice things about PVC is that it has a great stretch to it. This makes PVC good for pond liners because the stretch reduces chances of cracks and adapts well to quick, dramatic changes in the weather. Important to note that they are not as tear resistant or durable as some other choices.

PVC liner can be rolled and packaged easily which is always a plus when getting something shipped to you for your project. But they do not last as long as Epdm pond liners.

Epdm Pond Liners?

Epdm pond liners are a very popular choice. They are very versatile and won’t hold you back when you are choosing a shape and size for your pond. Epdm pond liners are also very flexible. They can still stretch in temperatures from -40 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. So whether you live in a place of extreme weather changes or you live in a consistently warm or cold area, you won’t have to worry about this liner turning brittle and cracking over time. They are tear proof and very durable.

These liners are very resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays and other harmful environmental conditions. They will last for a very long time.

In choosing a liner it is important if you have any questions to always ask your trusted pond supply professional. We are happy to discuss all pond liner options as well as help with correct size and compatible equipment.

You can find the right size pond liner here:

Pond liner, Firestone pond liner, custom pond building

Pond liner, Firestone pond liner, custom pond building


Pond TalkWhich Pond liner is the best?
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Which Pond liner is the best?

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