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Green time of year! Time to Add New Pond Supplies And Pond Plants.

Green time of year

As the weather changes so does the maintenance needs of your pond. As true as this statement is what does it mean?? Here is a check list to determine what your pond needs. [clear] I have pond owners ask me all the time,
  • Why is my pond green?

  • Why do I have more algae this time of year?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons so I start asking questions...

How big is your pond?

This will determine how many aquatic

Sunland Water Gardens Celebrates Their First Fifty Years By Looking Ahead To The Next Fifty

Press Release: 01/08/2014 Los Angeles, CA When Jacklyn Rodman’s family first opened Sunland Water Gardens in 1965, she never envisioned she’d be the leading pond supply and pond plant store in the Los Angeles area fifty years later. “It’s a truly a family business with everything for your pond,” shared Jacklyn. Jacklyn’s grandfather, opened the Southern California pond plant and supply store in 1965 on his Sunland property. Fifteen years later, he sold the thriving business to his granddaughter, Jacklyn. “He gave me a fair