Sunland Water Gardens Celebrates Their First Fifty Years By Looking Ahead To The Next Fifty

Press Release: 01/08/2014
Los Angeles, CA

When Jacklyn Rodman’s family first opened Sunland Water Gardens in 1965, she never envisioned she’d be the leading pond supply and pond plant store in the Los Angeles area fifty years later.

“It’s a truly a family business with everything for your pond,” shared Jacklyn.

Jacklyn’s grandfather, opened the Southern California pond plant and supply store in 1965 on his Sunland property. Fifteen years later, he sold the thriving business to his granddaughter, Jacklyn.

“He gave me a fair deal,” Jacklyn laughed as she thought about the day she took over the business. “We changed the name and focused on the aquatic side of the business and Sunland Water Gardens was born, selling pond plants and pond supplies.”

Sunland Water Gardens focused on floating plants and water lilies, (Nymphaeaceae) which were becoming extremely popular in ponds throughout the Los Angeles area.

“Customers were driving not just from the Los Angeles area, but from all over Southern California to visit us. Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, they drove the distance because of our unique selection and expertise.” Jacklyn added. “More and more of them were asking us to build ponds, so I got my contractor’s license. Of course, the ponds we built needed koi,” Jacklyn laughs. “Those fish opened a whole new side of our pond supply business.”

Pond Supplies, Pond Construction, Koi, Water lilies and now many exotic floating pond plants are just part of the focus at Sunland Water Gardens (Learn more about pond supplies here: )

Jacklyn expanded, “We are a unique sort of aquatic farmer at Sunland Water Gardens. We don’t just sell pond plants and pond supplies. We are growers. We grow more than 300 different aquatic plants. Water lilies, lotus, floating pond plants, and bog plants of every size. We sell literally thousands of different water plants. Many of these are pictured on our website, Most are unique, some are extremely rare.”

Four years ago, the leading Southern California Pond Supply and Plant store added Aquaponics to their portfolio. Aquaponics is a food production system combining conventional aquaculture (aquatic animals) with hydroponics, growing and cultivating plants in water, creating a symbiotic environment. (Learn more about Aquaponics here:

“We started with little floating islands of herbs,” reminisced Jacklyn. “We soon expanded to growing fresh organic vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, corn, lettuce and strawberries. The process is very exciting and rewarding.”

The year prior, Jacklyn decided to rescue turtles. In 2009, Sunland Water Gardens became the official Los Angeles sanctuary for the preservation of water turtles. “Protecting, saving and finding homes for thousands of turtles each year is one of my passions,” Jacklyn explained.

Looking at the next fifty years, Jacklyn decided to expand her pond supplies store. Her newly remodeled store now is poised to cover everything needed for the pond enthusiast.

“Residents from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles count on us to guide them through all aspects of their pond planning and design. Our thousands of aquatic plants and Koi allow Southern California homes and businesses to create a personalized look for their water gardens.”

Sunland Water Gardens has created tantalizing retreats for many Southern California celebrities and a number of the leading businesses in Los Angeles.

“For me water gardening is very spiritual. It’s a place to relax and let the stress of the day melt away,” Jacklyn shared. “There is so much benefit to having a personalized look for your water garden. No matter what you envision, we are eager to supply access to our expert design services.  You can count on us for quality, creativity, and stunning results, from start to finish.”

As Jacklyn looks to the next fifty years, she shared, “Whether you have a “do-it- yourself” water garden or a high end Koi pond it will become the cornerstone of your landscape and the center of your family gatherings.”

A visit to Sunland Water Gardens will be an eye opener for veteran pond enthusiasts as well as anyone dreaming about creating their own spiritual backyard pond retreat.


Sunland Water Gardens Your California Pond Supplier Since 1965
Sunland Water Gardens, your Southern California Pond Supplier is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sundays, 10am-3pm, closed Mondays. 9948 Sunland Blvd Sunland, CA 91040 (818) 353-5131.

Sunland Water Gardens Celebrates Their First Fifty Years By Looking Ahead To The Next Fifty

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