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Green time of year! Time to Add New Pond Supplies And Pond Plants.

Green time of year

As the weather changes so does the maintenance needs of your pond. As true as this statement is what does it mean?? Here is a check list to determine what your pond needs. [clear] I have pond owners ask me all the time,
  • Why is my pond green?

  • Why do I have more algae this time of year?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons so I start asking questions...

How big is your pond?

This will determine how many aquatic

Pond Plants for sale – Bog Plants by Sunland Water Gardens

Got Questions about Bog Plants? - We Know Ponds - Your Pond Supply Leader

If you have any questions about other Aquatic Plants, Water Lilies, Bog Plants for ponds or have questions about getting the right Bog Plant for your pond, please visit our full service Pond Supply and Pond Plants store or call Sunland Water Gardens @ 818-353-5131

https://sunlandwatergardens.com/aquatic-plants/ Pond Plants for sale in Los Angeles: Bog Plants Sunland Water Gardens.

We are the premiere “Local” Grower of Aquatic Plants in Los Angeles. Bog Plants — We carry all bog plants ready in 1 gallon — 7 gallon sizes. With a large array of cuttings to specimens. We can custom grow as well for all your aquatic needs. The most popular bogs we carry are Arrowhead, Water Iris, Cattail, Fairy Lily, Flowering Reed, Lizard Tail, Taro, Spider Lily, and many more. We specialize in the hard to find aquatic plants from all over the world.


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Pond Plants for sale in Los Angeles: Bog Plants Sunland Water Gardens.

New Video: Pond Plants for sale – Bog Plants by Sunland Water Gardens


Pond plants for the winter

Pond plants for the winter

Are there any pond plants that will look nice in the winter?

Of course it will depend on what part of the country you live in as to what if any pond plants will do well in your pond in the winter months. Pond plants are broken down into two basic categories: hardy and non-hardy. Keep in mind there will be some varying factors on winter survival in the pond and the

How to balance your pond.

How to balance your pond. What does balancing your pond really mean anyway? All pond water must go through the initial balancing period. Pond Talk.