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Green time of year! Time to Add New Pond Supplies And Pond Plants.

Green time of year

As the weather changes so does the maintenance needs of your pond. As true as this statement is what does it mean?? Here is a check list to determine what your pond needs. [clear] I have pond owners ask me all the time,
  • Why is my pond green?

  • Why do I have more algae this time of year?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons so I start asking questions...

How big is your pond?

This will determine how many aquatic

How to balance your pond.

How to balance your pond. What does balancing your pond really mean anyway? All pond water must go through the initial balancing period. Pond Talk.

How many Koi can I have in my pond?

How many Koi can I have in my pond? Most pond owners think that the number of gallons is in direct relation to the number of Koi you can have.

Do you want a pond kit?

Do pond kits have everything you need?

[clear] We have people come to our shop looking for “Pond Kits” all the time. For some it makes the thought of building a pond much easier.

It will already have everything you need for a cookie cutter pond.

But do you really want a cookie cutter pond?? Maybe but more than likely -not. We try to discourage the one size fits all pond. Because everyone’s idea of a pond is different. It comes