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White Hardy water lily: Walter Pagels

White Hardy water lily

Walter Pagels

This Hardy water lily was named after the first president of the International Water lily and Water Gardening Society, Walter Pagels. It has small to medium ivory white blossoms that stand just above the water surface. It will show a small hint of pink from time to time. The leaves are lush green with faint mottling. It also will stay open later

Aquatic plants: White Hardy Water lilies: Gonnere

Aquatic plants

White Hardy Water lilies


Gonnere is one of my all time favorite White Hardy Water Lilies. It is fairly free flowering. It almost looks like it has to many petals. Some White lilies have hints of other colors but this is a pure white flower with yellow stamen. Ball shaped, large double flowers. Rich green foliage. It will go well with any bog choices like Water Thalia or Horsetail. Except for the very hot zones of

Pond plants: Hardy Water Lilies: Virginia

Pond plants

Hardy Water Lilies


This is a lovely, pure paper white Hardy Water Lily. The very large flower are as big as 6-10 inches. Their dark green pads can have a spread of 6-12 feet especially in full sun.  This hardy waterlily contrast of the green pads allows the white flowers to stand out. Nymphaea 'Virginia' is an excellent bloomer and will tolerate partial shade. Ponds of the medium to large size are best suited to handle this