Pond Supplies by Sunland Water Gardens

Lighting: Savio LED Pond Lights | Pond Lights

Ideal for waterfalls, ponds and watergardens. Super energy efficient with remarkable brightness and longevity. LED's burn cool, durable and built to last. 20' cord. One year warranty (except bulb) DOES NOT INCLUDE A TRANSFORMER (sold separately) Small light has 17 LED diodes (6.5w) Large has 19 LED diodes (7.5w)

Lighting: Laguna Power-Glo 40 LED (2 – Light Set) | Pond Lights

The Laguna PowerGlo Submersible 12v LED Light Set is compact yet extremely bright and can be used almost anywhere, in or out of the pond. The use of LED technology results in a longer lasting and a more energy efficient light. LED lights are more energy efficient, they consume less wattage, and they last longer. The 2 light kit is pre-wired to make installation easy, simply place in the desired location and connect to the electrical outlet. Each light has

Lighting: Aquascape 1w LED Waterfall Light | Pond Lights

The 1w Aquascape LED waterfall light is compact in size (2" diameter x 1" H) and the warm white light output matches that of a halogen bulb. Replacable LED bulbs (known as diodes) are available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. This energy-efficient light can be used both in or out of the pond. It comes with a 15' cord with Quick-connect plug that fits many of the newer pond transformers or the plug can be cut off and spliced