Pond Supplies by Sunland Water Gardens

Pumps & Filters: Hakko Diaphragm Kit | Pond Maintenance

Genuine Hakko Diaphragm rebuilding kit. The Hakko diaphragm kits are simple to install. They include enough diaphragms to fix both sides. You will need the following tools for installation: - 1 medium phillips screwdriver - 1 small phillips screwdriver - 1 medium pair of pliers Note: If your diaphragms are blowing out frequently, you may have excess back pressure. Check that your air hose is large enough and is not kinked. Check your air diffusers for clogging. Air stones need periodic cleaning

Pumps & Filters: Hakko Air Pump | Pond Maintenance

Hakko Air Pumps are sleek in design. It is a relatively small unit with surprisingly high output. The Hakko air pumps are built to last with a very durable body and mechanics meaning years and years of everlasting quality airflow. Hakko air pumps utilize linear- motor theorem to reduce power consumption during full operation. Units are extremely quiet utilizing spectrum analysis technology in order to decrease any mechanical noise. No oil needed for lubrication making the Hakko easy to maintain.

Pumps & Filters: Solar Pond Oxygenator (Day Operation Only) | Pond Maintenance

This solar powered pond oxygenator operates in direct sunlight. Includes air pump for a small to medium size pond. Includes two 6.5' airline tubings and two air stones and solar panel. Oxygenates pond water in sunny weather when oxygen levels are depleted. Could also be used in an emergency during a blackout condition. 10' cable to solar panel (included) ZERO operating cost 1 year warranty.

Pumps & Filters: Hakko Air Diffuser | Pond Maintenance

Matala offers a 9" membrane air diffuser assembly that features a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel. This eliminates the need for bricks and straps to get the diffuser to sink. Available in both a single head or dual head assemblies. Single head handles airflow from 1.0 - 4.2 cfm and Double head handles airflow from 2.8-8.4 cfm. 3/4" NPT threaded outlet located in base. Hakko Instruction Manual

Pond Supplies: Pond Algae control: Tetra Pond Blocks

Pond Supplies: Pond: Algae control Tetra Pond Blocks

Pond Block® helps clear cloudy water and remove algae from ornamental ponds or fountain water. Pond Blocks work well to eliminate string algae from waterfalls and rocks in custom Koi Ponds. Will not harm pond fish. Tetra Pond Block is a pond supply product limited for use in backyard/homeowner ponds and water fountains. For containerized ponds only. Not recommended for use with live plants. Will kill water hyacinth, water lettuce and