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Bog Plants: Pennywort

Pennywort is a common semi-aquatic plant that can be found around ponds and rivers the world over. Leaves are normally round in shape with the occasional small cluster of flowers. Pennywort is quite versatile and, like the lotus, can grow outside a water source, or submerged within it. Call (818) 353-5131 for availability!

Bog Plants: Zebra Grass

Zebra Grass is conspicuously noted for its showy green and white horizontal bands that stretch across the expanse of each stalk of the tall plant. Zebra grass can grow in excess of seven feet tall and if planted in a group, is a perfect shade distributor to sensitive pond plants and critters during warmer months. [...]

Bog Plants: Water Celery – Variegated

Variegated Water Celery is a colorful, low spreading plant typically planted in water gardens partially submerged at the margins. The colorful, serrated leaflets of the Variegated Water Celery pops with beautiful pink tips! About mid summer, tiny white flowers in umbels bloom. Also known as the Flamingo Plant or Java Dropwort, it’s a popular favorite [...]

Bog Plants: Acorus

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Bog Plants: Arondo Donax

Bog Plants:

Arondo Donax


Bog Plants for Ponds

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