Eco-System – How do I balance my pond?

Plants are probably the most important addition to your pond, since they directly compete with algae for nutrients and light. Add a wide variety of plants to your pond. This not only creates a natural look, but also will help reduce the algae in different areas of your pond. Place water hyacinth and water lettuce in your falls. These floating plants reproduce rapidly, using up an enormous amounts of nutrients.

Plenty of bog and marginal plants should be added to the pond. Plants such as cattails and iris use large quantities of nutrients. They are hardy and will be back each spring to help you balance your pond. Cover the surface of the pond by planting water lilies. Lily pads float on the top of the pond soaking up the warm sunlight. The lily pads will reduce algae by preventing sunlight from reaching the deeper portions of the pond. Don’t overlook oxygenators! They soak up nutrients and sunlight directly through their leaves. Think of them as nutrient sponges. Physically remove clumps of string algae if it begins to overtake the pond.

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