Ponds and the California drought

Ponds and the California drought

FoxNews .com  writes

“Gov. Jerry Brown and the top Democratic lawmakers are proposing to spend $687 million to help drought-stricken communities throughout California, including $15 million for those with dangerously low drinking water supplies.

The governor announced the legislative proposal during a news conference Wednesday, describing it as “a call to action” as the nation’s most populous state deals with one of the driest periods on record.”

So what does this mean to the pond and aquatic industry?

Honestly it isn’t bad news. Home owners can save a lot of water by installing a pond in their yard. A pond uses far less water than a lawn or flower garden. The water is recycled. As water regulations are tightening in California it will be more and more important to find creative ways to enhance landscapes without high water consuming designs.   The wow factor of a pond will make you forget all about the camellia garden. You can add seating around the pond to make a comfortable spot to begin or end your day. You will be able to enjoy all the wonderful colors you are use to in the landscape. Aquatic plants like tropical water lilies will burst out with purples, blues, pinks , white and orange flowers hoovering well above the surface of the pond. Beautifully lush bog plants will accent and add depth and height to the pond design. All of which will attract wonderful critters like hummingbirds and dragonflies of all colors, shapes and sizes to drink and play.  You will be helping to provide a great resource to the local bird, butterfly and bee community too.

You will really enjoy the added fun of beautiful Koi and other pond fish zipping and play in your pond. There are so many benefits of water gardening especially at time like this. Saving water and recycling will be easy and fun if you add a pond to your landscape.

Large water garden, large pond, pond ideas, Koi pond

Large water garden, large pond, pond ideas, Koi pond


Pond TalkPonds and the California drought
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Pond Talk: Ponds and the California drought

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