Make everyday an Earth Day

Make everyday an Earth Day

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make – Dr. Jane Goodall.

Well just in case you missed it, Earth Day 2014 has come and gone. Every April 22nd folks will celebrate the earth and be reminded of the need to care for it.

Being basically a farmer by trade the Earth is sorta important. I have committed over 30 years to adding to the beauty of the earth. And in return I have been able to
enjoy the fruits of my labor in so many ways. There is nothing more exhilarated than to see a seed grow and become a beloved pond plant for someones Koi pond or water garden.

We do everything “the Natural” way. From the algae control we use to the fertilizer we choose. Not to be weird or tree huggy just to do things in a good healthy way for everyone
and everything we come in contact with.

I know there is another world out there too.   A more sobering one.. A world that is about power plants leaking radioactivity, drugs in the water supply are going up so much that it’s literally affecting fish behavior…this is crazy stuff.

So we push on

We are sharing with pond owners that you don’t need to use chemicals to get a clean and clear pond. A chemical can’t produce health anyway… they can only mask a
symptom of an underlying problem… and algae or fish disease is a symptom.

So we’ve learned that when you make a pond healthier, and more ecologically balanced, low and behold, things improve across the board. Providing a balanced pond will
assure it will be happy and healthy. Adding pond plants like water lilies, anacharis, cattails, water hyacinth or pennywort will naturally use up excess nutrients starving out the algae. Easy and natural.

In the end I guess you could say our goal is simple. We will change the old, outdated pond management practices in one pond at a time and by educating one pond owner
at a time. And we’ll do that, not on one special day of the year, but every single day.

It’s a simple philosophy I guess, but it’s one that keeps us working toward something we believe in. And that’s enough.

What you do makes a difference……


Tropical water lilies, Water lilies for sale, water lilies for ponds

Tropical water lilies, Water lilies for sale, water lilies for ponds

Article: Make everyday an Earth Day
Author: Jacklyn Rodman
Source: Sunland Water Gardens

Make everyday an Earth Day

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