Harvesting Aquaponic Cucumbers at Sunland Water Gardens

Today was a fun day at Sunland Water Gardens! We got to harvest some of the great looking organic cucumbers from our Aquaponic system. It was so easy too. Our aquaponic system consists of a tank full of Talapia. We have about three dozen in a PT796- 250 gallon Laguna tank. The top table is from Active aqua with an Active aqua flood table. We use a laguna PowerJet 600 -PT-326 pump. This pump is just the right size to move the water from the bottom tank to the top. The media being used is Hydrotin. Little clay balls that are used in place of soil. The plants act as the filter to keep the tank of pond fish clean. The fish waste fertilizes the plants and everyone is happy and healthy. And we get to eat organic vegetables and fresh organic Talapia. You can also use Bass, catfish, Koi or other pond fish.


Video Post: Harvesting Aquaponic Cucumbers at Sunland Water Gardens
Video Author: Jeff Kite
Post Source: Sunland Water Gardens
Posted by: Jacklyn Rodman
YouTube Channel: Sunland Water Gardens
YouTube Post: Harvest day at Sunland Water Gardens Cucumbers Using Aquaponics system

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