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Strata International – Pond Supply Partners

Strata International was formed in 1987 by Mr. Jeffrey Tober. The Company was moved from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, CA in 1993. In 2007, Strata International moved to the San Antonio, Texas area. The Company is owned by Mr. Jeffrey Tober. Seguin, Texas is now the world headquarters, where the products are manufactured and shipped from. In addition, Strata International has an office overseas in Liege, Belgium.

Initially, Strata International worked exclusively in the water filtration industry. Then, in 1993, it also branched out into the bacterial/enzyme natural treatment field. Now, Strata operates in both areas with customers world-wide.

Mr. Frank Iafrate is the United States National Sales Manager for Strata Interantional. Mr. Jose Salas is the General Manager of Operations in Texas and Mr. Jose Benavides is the Service Manager in California.


Vendor: Strata International

Strarta International - Organic Digester (OD), is a natural, non-chemical, entirely safe, treatment product for ponds and aquariums. It contains tens of millions of naturally occurring bacteria, which have been selected and produced for their ability to degrade organic matter

Strata International – Pond Supply Partners

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