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For over 75 years, a history of excellence, and improving the art of fluid motion.™

Pond Master

Pond Supplies – Pond Pumps

Ever since our modest beginnings in 1934, Danner Manufacturing (a family owned and operated business) has developed and produced innovative products for hobbyists and professionals. When we introduced our original Dynamaster® air pumps we quickly became the standard to which others aspired. Over 75 years later, our sophisticated and energy-efficent, magnetically driven and hybrid pumps continue to be popular products that continue to develop thousands of satified and loyal customers all over North America.

The brand names which we manufacture and market are: Pondmaster, Proline, Supreme, Aqua-Supreme, Supreme-Hydroponics, Magnetic-Drive, Hampton Water Gardens, Fountain Pump, and Cover-Care.

These brands can be found in the Water Gardening, Aquarium, Pool & Spa, OEM, Hydroponic industries throughout North America and the offshore markets. We are committed to offer our customers high quality and reasonably priced products, creating the best values.

Sunland Water Gardens

Pond Master – Pond Supplies – Pond Pumps

We carry the best selection of in pond pumps and exterior pond pumps. From 100 gals per hour to multi speed pumps exterior pumps. We have researched and tested every company and have come up with the best solution for every pond and providing the best pond supplies. Ask us about the best pump to make your pond and water garden run with the most economical pumps in the industry. We stand behind our pumps so you can trust your choices at Sunland Water Gardens.

Sunland Water Gardens Your California Pond Supplier Since 1965



Pond Master – Pond Supplies – Pond Pumps
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Pond Master - Pond Supplies - Pond Pumps
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