Aquaponics for dinner

Aquaponics for dinner

With all the talk of Gmo’s, Radiation, health issues and the drought, it only makes sense to stop thinking of taking your health into your own hands and doing it!  In Europe Aquaponics has become common place but it is all new and shiny here in the United States.  It is new to many but it is so easy that it will soon be the way gardens are grown everywhere for many really good reasons.

Aquaponics is your answer.

If it is genetically modified organism or better known as GMO’s that are a worry on your mind, and it is a big one, Aquaponics is your answer. GMO are found in not only veggies but fish now too.  With organic homegrown vegetables grown on the top tier and fresh fish on the bottom you will have the building blocks of a healthy diet.  You will be able to pick and choose the table fair that you like every day fresh from the garden without weeds, commercial fertilizers, pesticides, bugs, bending down. And a big bonus for California and other high alert drought states you will be using very, very little water and even that  will be recalculated and recycled.

Next to consider is the opportunity to grow your own fish to eat fresh upon demand.  It could be Talapia, Bass, Blue gill or even catfish.  They will be in the bottom tier eating and swimming away and their waste will be pumped to the top to add natural fish emulsion making your veggies grow very happy very healthy and very quickly.  This makes a lot of sense as the world sits and worries about issues like the Fukushika Radiation and pollutants being pumped into the ocean. It may be time to look back again at lake and now aquaponic grown fish.   Ocean fish are being fished out and fish farms are unable to keep up with demand. This is why may are turning to GMO technics to grow them bigger faster and not necessarily better. With Aquaponics you control the food and the environment so you know it is good for you and your family.

We are in a time when the doctors are saying to eat more vegetables and fish, but the world can’t keep up with the demand.  Chemicals and genetic modifications are being made, sometimes without our knowledge   It is hard to trust that it is the best option.  Many states are clamping down on water usage and charging through the nose to water your lawns and gardens.  Gardening space is limited in many areas but aquaponics is incredibly space effective. You can grow a tremendous amount of vegetables, herbs and fish with a 4 x 8 table. It really makes sense to take it into your own hands and grow what you love yourself..


aquaponics, sunland water gardens, talapia

aquaponics, sunland water gardens, talapia

resource: Wikipedia ,  Chris Kresser

Pond TalkAquaponics for dinner
Author: Jacklyn Rodman
Also See: Methods of Aquaponics; Aquaponics

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Pond Talk: Aquaponics for dinner

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