9th grade class at Bridges Academy

What an awesome letter from Bridges Academy!

Thank you for coming!

To Sunland Water Gardens:

Thank you for letting us visit your garden. It was a lot of fun to be there and learn about aquaponics. Seeing your systems in action gave us a clear picture of how aquaponics systems can function successfully. The coolest parts to see and watch were the duckweed, the turtles, and the wide variety of plants. We also found that watching the beautiful coy was very tranquil. All of it was very enlightening. When we came back, we were able to take your ideas and put them into our aquaponics systems prototypes.

Our next step is to get plants and fish for our systems. We hope to get the supplies from you to put into the systems. We are very excited to get them working properly, full of plants and fish. Also, we thank you hugely for the discount that you gave us for our supplies. They have helped us expand our designs and learning
about aquaponics.

9th grade class at Bridges Academy


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  1. Daniel

    So cool!