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Laguna Air Pump Kits

    Laguna Air Pump Kit provides a variety of very practical benefits for ponds with fish all year round. In summer, pumping oxygen into your fish pond is crucial for their health, particularly in a densely-stocked pond and during very hot periods when oxygen levels decline. Fresh oxygen contributes to a clean and clear aquatic ecosystem, promotes healthy aquatic life, and helps break down fish waste. In winter, air circulation generated by the pump prevents pond

Pond Supplies: Active Aqua air pump

Pond Supplies

Active Aqua air pump

For the little added air a pond might need these air pumps will do the job very nicely. The hot summer months can put a strain on Koi ponds especially at night. Air pumps can bubble the water around to let more water into the surface of the pond. You can never have to much oxygen in you pond.       Air Pump Features:
  • Super silent with multi-level muffler
  • Special artificial rubber to keep a steady