Pond Supplies by Sunland Water Gardens

Pond Filters: Tetra FK3 Fountain Kit | Tetra Pond Filters

The NEW Tetra fountain kit includes an energy efficient 325 gph pump with foam pre-filter (only 22w) with 12' cord and a fountain set with spray, bell, and frothy heads. Fountain heads feature a swivel adjuster valve for regulating flow to fountain head and/or water feature. Recommended for small water gardens up to 100 gallons. . Foam pre filter . Includes 3 Fountain Heads (use only one at a time) . Swivel adjuster levels fountain heads . Diverter assembly: Fits 1",

Pond Filters: Replacement Pad for BF 350/700 and 950/1100 and 357 | Beckett Filters

This is the NEW Replacement filter media for the BF 350/700, 950/1100 or 357 submersible filter. The old individual filters pads are no longer being made by the manufacturer. This replacement filter combo pack is a great value. It is designed to fit the BF350, BF700, BF950 and BF1100 and the PF357 It contains 2 pieces approx 13" x 10" that are perforated in the middle and have holes on each side for the nozzle. You can cut or tear at

Pond Filters: Lifegard All-in-One Filter System w/ UV | Submersible Pond Filters

Pentair Lifegard Complete Pond Filter System * Complete fountain and filtration kit for ponds and water gardens * Built-in 9w UV clarifier helps keep pond water clean and clear * Easy-to-install pond filter kit sets up right out of the box Pond filter installation has never been easier. The Pentair Complete Pond Filter System takes the guesswork out of complicated pump and filter selection. Compact, submersible pond filtration system provides mechanical and biological filtration plus the built-in 9-watt UV clarifier